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Do I need an activity device to join a Step Challenge?

While we recommend you sync a tracking device to the Compete2Beat app for accurate tracking you, you don't have to.  On the lower menu, far right, there is a weight icon.  Tap that and add your steps manually.  Don't cheat!

Can I do a Daily Step Challenge with friends from other countries?

Yes, you can!  With a caveat - the time zone of the Challenges defaults to the person who created the Challenge.  So steps will only reflect their day. 

A work around is to not sync with an activity device and manually enter your steps for the day.

Also, the "Winner Takes All" goal takes into account ALL steps during a Challenge so it doesn't matter what time zone each of you are in!

What is that little lock next to some of the Challenges when I go to "Join A Challenge"?

That lock indicates that the Challenge is Private.  You can only join a Private Challenge if the Challenge Creator invites you.

What is the difference between a Public and Private Challenge?

Great question!  Anyone can join a Public Challenge.  If you create a Private Challenge, only the people you invite to a Challenge will be able to join.  They will receive a six digit code to enter your challenge.

Will anyone see my weight?

Absolutely not!  The Challenges have been created so that no one needs to know your actual weight.

Do all the Challenges have a winner?

Nope.  Some of our Challenges are designed just to get you motivated to reach daily targets.

I won a Challenge!  What do I get?

The winner receives a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that they beat everyone else!

In reality, the real prize is knowing that you accomplished your goal!

But...if you really want to, you can set up an option with RL friends and decide on a prize together, and use Compete2Beat to monitor your performance.

Who can see my food diary?

Everyone in your Challenge can see your food diary!  This not only helps you stay accountable, but it helps encourage you to make healthier food choices.

How do I see what a Competitor is doing?

When you are on an Active Challenge page, tap on one of your Competitors.  You will be able to see their Activity and Food diary.

Can I cheat?

Compete2Beat works on the honesty system and while you can cheat, it's not in your best interest to do so.  If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, it's best to be honest and to track your weight and activity truthfully.

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